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“Content is king” is more than just a modern marketing mantra – it’s the truth, and if you’re unable to come to grips with that, your success will suffer for it. You must be able to create compelling, engaging, optimized content that resonates with your audience, but also catches the attention of search engine spiders. We can help.

In addition to creating the highest quality website available for small businesses, we also help with content creation and publication, and then advertising through social media. We go to bat for you – your success is our top priority, and that means creating top-notch quality content that offers value to your audience, and then getting the word out through social media channels. We harness the power of today’s top social networks.

And, make no mistake, it’s absolutely crucial that you have both a website and a social media presence. Your customers expect you to be online. If you’re not, they’ll go to a competitor.

By combining powerful content, modern optimization strategies, and advertising through social media, we ensure that you’re spreading the message and gaining the right type of notice, both with your target audience and with Google.

We help you build content from service or product descriptions to your “about” page and more. We can also help with blog content to help you connect with your audience on a deeper level, as well as provide valuable content for social media marketing. Combine content publication and social media advertising with our ability to create powerful email marketing campaigns, and you have a powerful, end-to-end solution.

Contact us to get started today. Let us make sure that you’re reaching your audience, and that they’re not finding your competition.

1st Place Ranking on Google’s Search Engine Results Page

Google Search

Building traffic to your new website is all about visibility, and that means ranking on the first page of Google’s organic search results. Ranking on the second, third or fourth page does you very little good. Did you know that first-page ranked search results get over 70% of all clicks?

Very few people move on to the second page (3.70%), and by the third page, that number drops significantly (almost 0% of clicks), meaning that you’re pretty much invisible. That’s no way to run a successful business.

Furthermore, did you know that organic search traffic is the most important for your website? You need to ensure your business is visible when customers or potential customers search for related products or services, and you need to ensure that you’re ranked as close to the #1 position on the first page as possible.

Why Google, though? While there are other search engines (Yahoo and Bing, for instance), Google is the largest and most frequently used. There’s also the fact that optimizing for Google search will benefit you with other search engines.

We can help. Our expertise and experience ensure that we’re able to correctly optimize all areas of your website, as well as links leading to your website, and your on-page content for the right keywords for your audience. We conduct in-depth analyses to ensure accuracy and relevance with your target audience, boosting your website to the first page of organic search engine results.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we can ensure that your website ranks on the first page of Google’s organic search results. Find out how we can help make sure that your customers are finding you, and not your competition.

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