It’s no secret that creating and maintaining a blog for your business’ website can greatly help your SEO (search engine optimization) and drive more traffic to your site. However, a lot of businesses fail in the blog department because they prioritize SEO over creating high quality, compelling content. The thing is, though, that this kind of behavior will not only turn your potential customers off, but it could actually also hurt your Google rankings, too.

Basically, as Google’s search algorithms advance, they work to weed out sites that are guilty of keyword-stuffing, fake back links, and other SEO “cheats”. So, the best way to get better Google SERP (search engine results page) rankings is actually to write your blog posts for your customers, not for Google. Of course, you do want to include keywords naturally throughout your content, but your focus really should be on creating highly shareable posts that your audience will love. Here are a few of our favorite tips for building your business’ blog to thrill your audience while you improve your Google SERP rankings.

  • Be personable and friendly – Save your professional, corporate tone for formal memos and announcements. Keep your blog friendly, inviting, and personable.
  • Pay attention to headlines – Everyone’s tired of clickbait titles and headlines, but there’s nothing wrong with spending a little bit of time coming up with the very best headlines that will really make people want to click through and take a peek.
  • Find out what your audience wants – Do some market research. Look at trending hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Poll your social media followers. In other words, find out what people are talking about and what they want to know more about, and then write blog posts about that stuff!
  • Bring in great guest bloggers – Want to lend your blog more credibility? Invite some of your industry’s thought leaders to write guest blog posts for your business’ blog. Then offer to write some guest posts for them, too. This kind of collaboration can go a long way to driving more traffic to your site.

Above all else, don’t slack off on posting! Follow these tips, and consistently make new posts for your business’ blog, and you’ll be on your way to the top of Google’s ranks in no time.

And, if you need help with an amazing new website, SEO, and/or social media marketing, contact us at Media Branch today!